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Albi ... a small gift for great joy ...

Albi, s.r.o is a network of the largest gift stores in Slovakia. We offer a comprehensive range of gifts, greeting cards, board games and gift packaging. Our goal is to help customers choose the right gift at affordable prices for every occasion. The added value is the originality of our gifts and personal dedication, which you will find on a large selection of our products.

Qualified and kind staff will advise you on choosing suitable gifts, and will also be happy to show you a range of modern games intended for the general public.

In addition to our products, you can also find goods from other suppliers in Albi brand stores in order to offer the most diverse choice.

We reward loyal customers with Albi Club cards. Collect credit with every purchase - on every euro of your purchase you receive 10 eurocents of credit.

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Orientačný plán

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